Tuesday – Day 3

Taco Tuesday

Girls’ Group:
There will be NO girls’ group today.  Catherine will reconnect with the group next Day 3.

Math Problem Solving:
Students that are participating in the math problem solving session today, please follow the following schedule:
Grade 7  – periods 1 and 2
Grade 8  – periods 3 and 4
Grade 9  – periods 5 and 6
Please bring regular math items with you such as pencils, erasers, etc. and meet in the grade 8 science room at the start of the respective time period.

There will be a leadership meeting for all members, including class reps, at lunch tomorrow (Wednesday) in Ms. Neill’s room, we have lots to plan, hope everyone can make it.

Code Club:
Code Club will meet today at 12:30 in Mrs. Reynard’s room.  Hope to see all members there!

Girls A Basketball:
There will be a Girls A Basketball practice today (Tuesday) from 3 to 4:30.  If you can’t attend, please let Mr. Bradley or Ms. Risley know first thing this morning.  Thank you.

Girls AA Basketball:
Would all members of the AA girls basketball team meet in the gym at morning break for an important meeting.
All remaining fall sport school uniforms must be passed in by morning break to Mrs. Steele.

     Will be outside today

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