Thursday – Day 1

Hot Chicken Sandwich with choice of potato or rice and veggies.

Art Club:
There will be Art club today in Mrs. Wilson’s room at 12:20

Congratulations to the Grade 9 Band on their “spooktacular” performance last night at the Charlottetown Rural Family of Schools Concert. The band played with lots of energy and excitement! A special shout out to the low brass and percussion sections for laying down a solid funk rock groove in Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”. Mrs. Sorensen would like to thank all of the band students for their efforts and hard work over the last several weeks.
Grade 9 Honours Band students are asked to meet in the band room following the announcements.

Lost and Found:
Please check the lost and found table in the lobby for a variety of “found” items – water bottles, lunch containers, lunch bags, gym bags, shorts, pants,  sweaters, pencil cases and books.

School Newspapers:
The papers were delivered yesterday – please take a few minutes to read them during reading period.

Today (Thursday) is October 31st and therefore, Halloween. Several people have been asking about costumes. If you are the type to get in the spirit of Halloween, sure you can dress up. There are, however, to be no face masks or weapons, or replicas of weapons. Also, remember that it could get very warm with a costume on so think of that prior to choosing your costume. For those who want to just be a part of the day, you can dress up in orange and black if you wish! Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will be a spook-tacular day!

Library News:
Put November 12th on your calendar for our Indigo Fundraiser!  Help us stock our library shelves with the books you love to read!  We have a new, student-led club starting up; the Presentation Club, which will be for people that struggle doing presentations.  Look for their table on Wednesdays in the library.

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