Thursday – Day 3

          Breaded Chicken Breast served with Rice and side of Veggies.  = $5.25
– Students, when you go out at lunch to play and then come in later expecting to
get your hot lunch – it may not be there always.  Eat first and then go out.
–  ONLY students who are buying snacks at break and lunch should be in the line up.

Pink T-Shirts:
Tomorrow (Friday) will be the last day to order Pink T-Shirts for Anti-Bullying Day.

Art Club:
There will be Art Club in Mrs. Wilson’s room today at 12:15.

Pascal Math:
There will be another practice for Pascal Math tomorrow (Friday, Day 4,)  Period 1 in the cafeteria.

Air Handling:
Due to our Air Handling system not working properly, we will be flushing the school daily by opening our classroom and hallway windows during Reading period. Thank you for your cooperation.

All A and AA Basketball Players:
Are reminded to pay their athletic fee to the main office. The fee is $20.00 and players will not be permitted to play in playoff games unless the fee has been turned in. See Mrs. Steele if you have any questions.

Girls Field Hockey:
Would members of the girls field hockey team meet in the gym at morning break,



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