Nov 9/20

Today is Day 1.

No birthdays today, however we had many celebrations this past weekend: Jaxon Oliver, Mya Cann, Lylah & MacKenzie Glover, Carly Miller, and Lisa Jackson.

Breakfast today: Toast with cinn/jam/cheese

Breakfast tomorrow: Bagel & cream cheese

Lunch today: Rink & PEI Healthy Lunch

  1. The virtual book fair will begin today! We were just informed that we have two free shipping dates:
    If you place your order on the below dates, during those times, you will not be charged!
    Wednesday, November 11th : 6 – 8 pm
    Wednesday, November 18th: 6 – 8 pm

  2. Reminder to wear red and/or black tomorrow for Remembrance Day.
  3. There will be no sports club this week due to it being a short week.
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