Oct 7/20

Today is Day 3.

No birthdays today.

Breakfast today: Yogurt & Fruit

Breakfast tomorrow: Muffins & Milk

Lunch Today: Subway & PEI Healthy Lunch

  1. Gr 4-6 are travelling to Orwell Corner today.
  2. Girls Volleyball: practice after school today, 2:30-3:30.  There is a game tomorrow in Belfast @ 5pm.
  3. Cross Country today @ 1st recess: Gr 7, 8, 3 will run.  Yesterday the bantam runners had their qualifying race.  The following students qualified to run at the final race on Oct 15th: Shamus MacNeill, Colbie White, Tiernan Cooper, Zoe Lannigan, Bella MacNeill, and Jessica MacNeill
  4. The Girls soccer team had their last game of the season yesterday evening.  Great effort, girls!

Nominations for “Being There”:

  1. Matthew Bell – is there for students because his is running track and field at recess, volleyball, and soccer after school.  All of these sports involve many of our students.
  2. John Van Dyke – is there for students and staff on a daily basis, and has been helping cover Mr. Bell  with after school sports.
  3. Cynthia Campbell – was there giving up her recess in order to time bantam cross country runners to see who qualifies for Provincials.
  4. Jennifer Watson – is there by listening to the needs of EA’s and students to continuously rework schedules to meet the needs of everyone.
  5. Jennifer Moar  -is there by having a library period set up to allow for increased quarantine of materials and still get books in the hands of students.
  6. Tammy Cann, Anita Casey, & Abbey Fisher – are there when they plan a field trip to Orwell Corner to work on humanities outcomes.
  7. Krista Gordon – for covering for teachers over lunch on a rotational basis to allow them time to have lunch away from the class.
  8. Afton Murphy – for preparing all of our bus lists for trips that our students go on to facilitate contact tracing.
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