StudentsAchieve for Parents

The Public Schools Branch uses an online software application known as StudentsAchieve to make attendance and mark information available to students and parents for grades 7-12.  You will find several resources here to help you with your use of the system as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Learning Resources

Tutorial for Students and Parents

Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address for the site?

Are attendance and mark information available online for students in all grades?

  • This information is currently available for grades 7-12.

When does the system update with new attendance and assessment information?

  • Attendance information is available as it’s entered and saved.  Assessment information is updated each day beginning at 3:00 p.m. and is usually complete by 6:00 p.m.

How do I obtain a username and password to access the system?

  • Login information is distributed to parents of grade 7-12 students by each school in the fall of the year.  Any questions about obtaining your password should be directed toward your child’s school.

I am having trouble logging into the site.  What should I do?

  • Call one of your grade 7-12 children’s schools and provide your full name, email, and the full names and schools for each of your children. The school will have the issue addressed.

How can I learn more about how to use the information available on the site?

  • The use of of the system is documented in PDF format as a tutorial.  You can also log into the system using a test parent account and take a look around.  Go to and click on the icon for Students or Parents – Log in with Login Name: sampleparent – Password: apple.  You can also access the Tutorial for Students and Parents

I see that some assignments are formative.  What does that mean?

  • Assignments that are formative are currently not being used in the calculation of a student grade.  This can be the case where the teacher simply wants to understand how the student is performing with a topic or skill.  In contrast, assessments used as part of the student’s grade calculation are summative.  If you have more questions about formative and summative assessments, please ask your child’s teacher.

Why do my student’s marks sometimes swing up or down?

  • Student marks are recorded in real time, in weighted folders. When a new summative assignment is entered into a new folder, its mark affects the weights of all other assignments. This may cause the grade to go up or down if the mark in the new folder is different than the marks in the other folders. Remember that during the year the grade is just a snapshot in time. Only at the end of the semester/year will the assignments take on their final weight. Any specific questions about students’ marks should be directed to your child’s teacher.

Is it possible to have one login which allows access to information for all of my grade 7-12 children?

  • Yes.  This requires that the contact name that you use is the same for all of your children.  Once the same email address is entered for each account, multiple accounts will merge and you will then be able to access information for all children from the same login.  If you are having issues with this, provide your full name, email, and the full names and schools for each of your children to one of your children’s schools and they will have the issue addressed.

I get an error message of “track object does not exist”.  What should I do?

  • Call one of your children’s schools and provide your full name, email, and the full names and schools for each of your children and they will have the issue addressed.

I can’t seem to click any links within the site or use the drop down menu.  What is wrong?

  • The current version of the portal does not work well with Internet Explorer 10.  Please try Firefox or Google Chrome
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