Families of Schools

Families of Schools

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School Information Sheet (school contact information in .pdf format)

The schools within the Public Schools Branch are organized into nine “families of schools,” based on their geographical location and their relationship with one or more of our ten senior high schools.

Bluefield Family of Schools

  • Bluefield Senior High School
  • East Wiltshire Intermediate School
  • Central Queens Elementary School
  • Eliot River Elementary School
  • Englewood School
  • Gulf Shore Consolidated School
  • Westwood Primary School

Charlottetown Family of Schools

  • Charlottetown Rural Senior High School
  • Colonel Gray Senior High School
  • Birchwood Intermediate School
  • Donagh Regional School
  • Glen Stewart Primary School
  • L. M. Montgomery Elementary School
  • Parkdale Elementary School
  • Prince Street Elementary School
  • Queen Charlotte Intermediate School
  • Sherwood Elementary School
  • Spring Park Elementary School
  • St. Jean Elementary School
  • Stonepark Intermediate School
  • Stratford Elementary School
  • West Kent Elementary School
  • West Royalty Elementary School

Kensington Family of Schools

  • Kensington Intermediate Senior High School
  • Queen Elizabeth Elementary School

Kinkora Family of Schools

  • Kinkora Regional High School
  • Amherst Cove Consolidated School
  • Somerset Consolidated School

Montague Family of Schools

  • Montague Regional High School
  • Belfast Consolidated School
  • Cardigan Consolidated School
  • Georgetown Elementary School
  • Montague Consolidated School
  • Montague Intermediate School
  • Southern Kings Consolidated School
  • Vernon River Consolidated School

Morell Family of Schools

  • Morell Regional High School
  • Morell Consolidated School
  • Mt. Stewart Consolidated School

Souris Family of Schools

  • Souris Regional School

Three Oaks Family of Schools

  • Three Oaks Senior High School
  • Athena Consolidated School
  • Elm Street Elementary School
  • Greenfield Elementary School
  • Miscouche Consolidated School
  • Parkside Elementary School
  • Summerside Intermediate School

Westisle Family of Schools

  • Westisle Composite High School
  • Alberton Elementary School
  • Bloomfield Elementary School
  • Ellerslie Elementary School
  • Hernewood Intermediate School
  • M. E. Callaghan Intermediate School
  • O’Leary Elementary School
  • St. Louis Elementary School
  • Tignish Elementary School
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