School Calendars

2020-2021 Provincial School Calendar
2020-2021 Provincial School Calendar (Printable PDF – 129KB)

2021-2022 Provincial School Calendar

The publication of branch and school calendar events is managed using Google calendars.  Events common to all schools are listed within the PSB PEI Calendar.  A separate calendar for each school is updated with school-level events.  The links listed on our PSB School Calendars site provide access to individual school or family-of-school calendars, each of which incorporate all events in the PSB PEI Calendar. Questions about school events should be directed to the individual school.  Inquiries about events on the PSB PEI Calendar (board or provincial entries) can be sent to the PSB webmaster.

Calendar Subscriptions:

For information on how to subscribe to one or more Public Schools Branch School Calendars, please visit our PSB School Calendars site.

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