Safe & Caring Learning Environments

The environment, values and relationships found within a school have a direct impact on students’ quality of education. The Public Schools Branch (PSB) is committed to ensuring that our schools provide welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that respect diversity and foster a sense of belonging. 

The PSB’s Safe and Caring Learning Environments Policy and Operational Procedure outline the expectations for creating and maintaining positive school climates – and the associated responsibilities that each of us hold.

What is a safe and caring learning environment?

A positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, included and accepted, and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions. Equity, inclusion and respect are key aspects of a positive school climate.

Who is responsible for the school environment?

Every member of the school community, including but not limited to students, staff and parents/guardians, has a shared responsibility for creating a safe environment and a positive school climate. 

How can we support a safe and caring learning environment?

There are a number of effective measures that can help create and maintain a positive school climate. They include:

  • The development of a school code of conduct;
  • Raising awareness of student, parent/guardian, staff and principal responsibilities;
  • Establishing and supporting programs, initiatives and services that support emotional well-being, positive behaviour and violence prevention;
  • Supporting disciplinary approaches and practices, such as progressive discipline, that promote learning, accountability and positive changes in behaviour; and
  • Establishing procedures that explain how to respond to – and report – harmful behaviours.

For more detailed information on the responsibilities of students, parents/guardians, teachers and principals, and how to respond to various incidences, read the Safe and Caring Learning Environments Policy and the Safe and Caring Learning Environments Operational Procedure.

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