PSB Classes on March 2, March 5, and March 6

For Friday, March 2:   To accommodate Parent Teacher Interviews and School Goals Day there will be no PSB classes in any PSB school on Friday, March 2.
For Monday, March 5:   To accommodate professional learning there will be no classes in the Bluefield, Kinkora, Kensington, Three Oaks, and Westisle families of schools on Monday, March 5.   March 5 will be a regular day for all other PSB families of schools.
For Tuesday, March 6:   To accommodate professional learning, there will be no classes in the Charlottetown, Montague, Morell, and Souris families of schools on Tuesday, March 6.  March 6 will be a regular day for all other PSB families of schools.

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Teachers, Copyright, and Fair Dealing: Know your rights and know your limits!

Thinking of using a copyright-protected work in your classroom? First, find out if you need permission from the copyright owner.

The Copyright Decision Tool helps teachers decide, with just a few clicks, whether “fair dealing” permits classroom use of print materials, artistic works, or audiovisual materials without getting copyright permission.

It takes 30 seconds on to have your copyright and fair-dealing questions answered.

Consult the Copyright Decision Tool:

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Teachers and Copyright – An Awareness Campaign

Educational organizations across PEI and Canada are once again participating in a one-month initiative to promote copyright awareness and showcase the CMEC’s copyright website ( This campaign is intended for educators and other interested parties on the resources and information available on that site.

During the next four weeks, the Public Schools Branch website will share several “posts” and “tweets” highlighting the Copyright Decision Tool ( and other reference material on the topic of teachers and copyright.

PSB teachers can access these resources from this permanent link on the PSB web site.

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February 12 to 16 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Every day in the Public Schools Branch, students discover who they are and who they can become, and this is thanks to the incredible efforts of our teachers and staff. Teacher and Staff appreciation week is the time of the year where students as well as parents thank teachers and other school staff for their hard work and support.

We join students and parents in thanking our teachers and staff for everything they do each and every day to improve the lives of those entrusted in their care. We truly appreciate all of the time, energy, and care they dedicate to young people and to their profession. They are genuinely committed to helping students learn. They have great empathy and show great patience and understanding. They are sensitive to the obstacles facing the students in their care. For many students, the efforts and kindness of teachers and staff make the school experience more enjoyable and pleasant.

Together, teachers and staff create an atmosphere of well-being. They understand that leadership is found in all aspects of our organization. They encourage life-long learning. They help ensure students and their families feel safe, welcomed, cared for, engaged and included. We know that the commitment of our teachers and staff is key to the success of students.

Thank you to all our teachers and staff for the incredible work they do to create wonderful learning environments for students that inspire self-awareness, confidence, hope, and a sense of belonging. They are inspiring!

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