Employment in the Public Schools Branch

All applications for employment with the Public Schools Branch are processed through Jobs PEI.  This includes all internal and external competitions including transfers, open postings, and applications for substitute/casual work.

Jobs PEI provides an opportunity for applicants to create a personal account to apply for jobs within Education, Health, and the provincial government.  By registering to create a “My Account” you will complete your profile information, attache a resume (if desired), and cover letter.  Once this completed, you will use “My Job Account” to quicly apply for any Education, Health or provincial government postings you are interested in using the information for your profile each time.

To access all of the information needed to be considered for employment with the Public Schools Branch, and to locate all current job postings:

  • Visit Jobs PEI.
  • Click on one of the categories of jobs listed under Public Schools Branch Job Opportunities.
  • Access information about employment with the PSB using the left-side Menu.
  • Current postings in the category selected appear on the main part of the screen. To view competitions in a different category, return to the Jobs PEI main site.

The Public Schools Branch supports all English public schools across Prince Edward Island.  Grade configurations vary from school to school, and a number of schools also provide a French Immersion program with different start options.  For more information about PSB schools, see the School Information page.

Within the operational structure of the Public Schools Branch, the Human Resources Department is responsible for the provision of employment-related services to all employees.  These include:

  • Staffing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Collective Agreement administration and interpretation
  • Substitute Employees
  • Employee Contracts
  • Labour Relations
  • Human Resource Policy

A diverse group of people and a variety of staff positions work together to ensure our school system is successful.  All employees of the PSB share a common goal, which is to support the 19,000+ kindergarten to grade 12 students attending our schools.

The Public Schools Branch employs permanent and casual staff in a number of different categories:

  • Teacher and Administrative positions
  • Educational Assistants, Youth Service Workers, Workplace Assistants, Student Attendants
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • School Psychologists
  • Administrative Support staff
  • Property/Maintenance staff
  • Transportation staff

Most positions provide an opportunity for engagement as a substitute employee.  Qualifications may be slightly different for substitutes than for regular employees.

For more information on qualifications and other requirements, go to Qualifications and Procedures.

For information on current employment opportunities and how to apply, go to Jobs PEI.

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