EAL/FAL Programs and Services

EAL/FAL Programs and Services

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English as an Additional Language (EAL) and French as an Additional Language (FAL) programs and services are provided provincially for children in K-12. Children and youth who speak a language in the home other than English or French, or who were born outside Canada, are eligible for services. Consultative services are provided for EAL/FAL children and staff in Early Childcare Centres.

All school-aged children who meet this criteria must contact the EAL/FAL Reception Centre before registration into the public education system.

Support Services

Support services are recommended based on the results of English or French language proficiency assessments for children in grades 1-12. In Kindergarten, support services are recommended based on a comprehensive classroom observation and meetings with the teacher. Parents/Guardians must give consent for support services.

Support services for EAL/FAL learners in K-9 are primarily in the form of Itinerant teacher support focusing on language acquisition in either a small group or one-to-one situation. In grades 10-12, EAL learners are often recommended to register for the EAL curriculum courses.

In classrooms where there are significant challenges related to teaching students for whom English is not their first language, support services are offered to the classroom teacher in the form of EAL Teacher Support. This is a collaborative model of support in that the teacher and the Specialist determine the needs in the classroom and the Specialist supports the teacher with lesson planning and teaching strategies.


EAL/FAL Reception Centre
85 Fitzroy Street, Suite 203
Charlottetown, PE C1A 1R6
(902) 620-3738

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