Transportation Services

Transportation Services

(a part of the Corporate Services Department)

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Tranportation Services coordinates the provision of transportation services to students of the Public Schools Branch.  This includes: 

School Zones
The school a student attends is determined based on their civic address and where it falls within approved school zone boundaries.   Zoning questions should be directed to Transportation Services.
School Bus Routes and Stops
Bus routes are established and reviewed on a regular basis, taking into account such factors as the location of students, school zone boundaries, safety factors, and seasonal conditions.Transportation Services can assist parents with questions regarding school zones, bus routes and stops, and bus numbers and drivers.
On-line Bus Stop Search Utility
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School Bus Safety
Transportation Services provide ongoing training and testing for bus drivers in various areas of bus safety and operations, student supervision and discipline, and dealing with special needs situations.Amber lights on school buses are intended to act as a warning signal to other drivers on the roadways. The use of amber lights on school buses was introduced on PEI in September, 1999.
Student Conduct and Discipline
Rules for bus travel are posted in all school buses, in English and French, for the safety of all passengers. Poor conduct on behalf of one or more students aboard a school bus is a major problem which can lead to a serious accident.Student handbooks issued at the beginning of each school year outline a code of conduct and provide information on disciplinary actions that result from negative behaviour. Parents should review this information with each student traveling on a bus, to help ensure efficient and safe transportation for everyone.School staff, bus drivers, and the staff of Transportation Services work together to ensure a safe and secure environment on our school buses. The school bus safety education program S.E.C.U.R.E. (Safe Environment for Children Using Responsibility Education) has been implemented across the District. This program teaches students about responsible behaviour and safety, and outlines the procedures and consequences resulting from improper behaviour; as well as outlining the roles and responsibilities of the bus driver.
Storm Closures
The decision regarding school closures or delays resulting from weather conditions is based primarily on road conditions and weather forecasts.  The safety of students is of primary importance; and this decision is based on the best information available. On PEI, weather changes can sometimes be unpredictable. Decisions are made in close consultation with Department of Transportation officials, weather offices, and personal observation.A yearly Notice to Parents outlines these procedures in detail. The first notice of school closure or delay will be broadcast on local radio stations by 7 a.m. In the case of a delay, a further announcement will take place by 8 a.m. In some instances it may only be necessary to close individual families of schools.Where weather or special circumstances result in the closure of one or more schools during the school day, notification is made available through local media, and Transportation Services coordinates the early departure of school bus services.  In some schools, an additional notification process, such as a parent phone tree, may also be in place.

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