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Message to Parents and Guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my hope that summer has treated you well. The weather has been fantastic and has offered ample opportunity to enjoy our Island. It is difficult to believe that another school year is upon us. Next week our schools will be abuzz with activity as our students will be back after a long absence. There is no doubt that we are fortunate to have the opportunity to go back to in-person, full-time schooling under favorable conditions. However, I do realize that with all the excitement comes some nervousness and worry. Please be assured that we at the Public Schools Branch continue to collaborate with provincial authorities and the Chief Public Health Office to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. Moreover, the staff at our 56 schools are ready and will be supporting your children during these challenging times. School specific details will continue to be communicated with you as next week unfolds. I would also invite you to check out our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In the meantime, I want to thank you for your cooperation and support and wish you well for the long weekend!

Best Regards,

Norbert Carpenter
Acting Director
Public Schools Branch

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PSB Branch Reopening Plan

Effective Tuesday, September 1, 2020 the two PSB Branch Offices in Stratford and Summerside will be reopening to the Public and doors will open during regular business hours (8:00 am – 4:00 pm).

Visitors to the Branch offices are asked to call ahead (902-368-6990) to book an appointment if an in-person meeting is required. All visitors will be required to sign-in upon entering the building, including pre-screening and COVID-19 declaration. If the answer is yes to any of the below questions, please reschedule the in-person appointment:

    • Have you traveled outside of the CPHO approved region in the last 14 days?
    • Are you or anyone in your family required to self-isolate?
    • Are you experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms?

Physical distancing signage will be posted and the reception area will have a maximum capacity. Decals will be posted to indicate how many spaces are available in the reception area. If capacity is reached, visitors will be asked to wait outside until a space is available. Visitors are strongly encouraged to wear a non-medical mask when physical distancing is not possible.

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Message to Parents and Students

The Department of Education and Lifelong Learning is pleased to announce that a DELF exam session will be available this summer for the 2020 Grade 12 graduating class from August 10 to August 15. France Éducation International sets the dates for all Canadian provinces and territories. The collective written exams will be taking place on the following dates and time:

Exam B2: Monday August 10, 1:00 pm
Exam B1: Tuesday August 11, 1:00 pm
Exam A2: Wednesday August 12, 1:00 pm

The individual oral interviews will also be taking place during that week.

The location of the exams will be determined after the registrations are completed and will depend on the number of students registered. We will also need to develop strict guidelines to accommodate requirements of the Chief Public Health Office during Covid-19.

Students must register in advance on the following website by Friday July 3rd.

They will receive a confirmation of their registration. Later in July, we will communicate to students their schedule, the location and any necessary health protocol prior to the exam.

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PSB – Ask a School Psychologist

Hello parents and guardians! Welcome to ‘Ask a School Psychologist’!

Wondering how to manage bedtime worries, what to tell your teen who wants to visit friends, or where to begin with structuring your child’s day? If you have any questions you would like to submit to our PSB Psychology Team concerning COVID isolation, academics, behaviour, or well-being, send them to

We can’t promise we’ll get to every question, but we will be posting anonymous responses to some of your questions on the PSB Student Services Facebook page.

This project is for information sharing with you and our broader parent and guardian audience. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call the Island Helpline (1-800-218-2885) or Emergency Health Services (911).

Please submit your questions by May 8th.

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PSB COVID-19 Resources

The PSB would like to remind students, parents, guardians and staff to continue to visit our website for resources on a range of topics in relation to COVID-19.  Updated resources are added as they become available to us. Please visit:
COVID-19 Resources

Follow us on Social Media
Twitter: @psbpei
Instagram: @psbpei
Facebook: @publicschoolsbranch

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