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Teachers and Copyright

Today marks the final post in our month-long awareness campaign focused on teachers and copyright.

Our goal has been to bring awareness to the resources available on this important topic through The Copyright Decision Tool.  We hope teachers and many others have found this information interesting and useful.

Teachers are encouraged to bookmark The Copyright Decision Tool so it can be readily available when needed.  Create your bookmark for:

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Teachers and Copyright – “Fair Dealing”

The Supreme Court of Canada interprets the fair dealing provision of the Copyright Act as permitting teachers to copy “short excerpts” of copyright-protected works for their students if the use is for educational purposes and if it is “fair”.

Fair Dealing Guidelines, one of the resources available for teachers on the Copyright Decision Tool website, provides important information including what is meant as a “short excerpt”.

Visit to have your “fair dealing” questions answered.

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Teachers and Copyright – Three “Golden” Resources

There are three “golden” copyright resources to help teachers answer questions on the use of copyright-protected material in the classroom:

A quick visit to the Copyright Decision Tool will answer your copyright questions.

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Teachers and Copyright – Know Your Rights and Know Your Limits

Teachers:  Are you thinking of using a copyright-protected work in your classroom?  First, find out if you need permission from the copyright owner.

CMEC’s Copyright Decision Tool helps teachers decide, with just a few clicks, whether fair dealing permits classroom use of print materials, artistic works, or audiovisual materials without getting copyright permission.

It takes 30 seconds on to have your copyright questions answered.

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Teachers and Copyright – An Awareness Campaign

Educational organizations across PEI and Canada are running a one-month initiative to showcase the CMEC’s copyright initiatives.  This campaign is intended to focus awareness, for educators and other interested parties, on the resources and information available on that site.

During the next four weeks, the Public Schools Branch website will share several “posts” and “tweets” highlighting the Copyright Decision Tool  and other reference material on the topic of teachers and copyright.  PSB teachers will also be provided with a permanent link allowing them to easily access these resources in the future.

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