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Report related to June events at East Wiltshire Intermediate School available


August 12, 2021 – Today, the Public Schools Branch (PSB) has released the independent third party review of allegations related to Pride Day events at East Wiltshire Intermediate School from May 31 to June 12, 2021.

The review was conducted by Evelyn Bradley of Bradley Consulting, who delivered her findings to the Director of the PSB and its Board of Directors. Given the significant community interest, the PSB is releasing the report publicly. Some aspects of the report have been redacted to protect the privacy of individuals.

“We welcome the report and its findings. We heard from many concerned members of the community at the time and the review provided an opportunity for staff and students at the school to share their experiences. I think it’s important to note that the report found that staff acted professionally and supportively and that students and staff feel that the overall culture of East Wiltshire doesn’t condone bullying. However, the report also makes clear that bullying of minority students does still take place. It would be naive of us to not recognize that this is likely the case across our system and we are committed to addressing these issues,” said Norbert Carpenter, director of the PSB.

The report highlights clear areas for improvement and outlines a number of recommendations. The PSB will work with the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning and community partners such as Peers Alliance and Pride PEI to identify next steps to support learning opportunities for students and staff, and ensure our policies and procedures are effective in ensuring safe and caring learning environments across the system.

“As we have said in the past, Prince Edward Island schools are not immune to the challenges seen in society at large, but as an institution dedicated to learning we have a unique opportunity to draw on our strengths to educate our school community and mediate situations when they occur,” said Carpenter. “I want to thank everyone who participated in the review. Their candor and insights will help to guide positive change in all of our schools.”

Download the report: East Wiltshire Intermediate School Report for PSB

Media contact
Sparrow McGowan
Senior Communications Officer
Public Schools Branch

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School Review Decisions

The Board of Directors of the Public Schools Branch will make its decisions on the school review recommendations at a special meeting of the Board on April 3rd at 7:30 p.m. at Bluefield High School.

Following public consultations in November 2016, 31 recommendations were made to address overcrowding and under-utilization of Island schools. Another 60-day consultation was held from January 11 to March 11 to allow the public to respond to the Board on the recommendations.

The Board of Directors has considered the input and will make its decisions at the April 3rd meeting. Based on the Public Schools Branch school change policy, the Board will respond to the recommendations by resolution at a public meeting.

The Board has the authority to make decisions regarding school attendance zones and the grades in a school. Decisions on school closures require final approval by Cabinet.

The Public Schools Branch is required to review schools every five years to ensure that students have equitable opportunities to learn and resources are being used in the most effective way.

An in-depth review was undertaken in six families of schools: Charlottetown Rural, Morell, Colonel Gray, Kinkora, Westisle, and Montague families of schools.

Data shows that some schools are under-utilized, others are overcrowded and some may not have the capacity to accommodate increased enrollment over the next five years.

The recommendations of the review include ways to balance the distribution of students and provide more consistent access to programming, teachers, specialized education resources, transportation and physical space.

Islanders were very engaged in the review. During the 60-day period for public input on the recommendations, the Board received 511 online submissions and 356 written submissions. There were close to 100 presentations made to the Board during this period.

Media contact:
Jean Doherty
Education, Early Learning and Culture
902 314 5702

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