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Update on the Queens Arms Intersection Construction.

*The Public Schools Branch is making alternative parking arrangements for school buses in the Queens Arms area to assist in minimizing anticipated delays due to the closure of the Queens Arms Intersection.  The Branch will be working with drivers to find ways to minimize disruption as a result of the construction.
*Parents can expect some variation in pickup times in the morning as a result of this construction. Some pickups may need to be slightly earlier than normal to make up for delays due to traffic congestion.  We seek parents’ patience as some delays in pickups may occur, as well, depending on traffic.
*The Branch will continue to monitor the situation closely with the goal of having students arrive at school on time.  Necessary changes will be made to routes in an effort to achieve this. Efforts will be made to ensure the afternoon flows as well as possible given the construction.
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Transportation Update

As we embark on a new school year, the Public Schools Branch is monitoring bus routes to ensure things are working as smoothly as possible. We recognize that the first few days of school are an adjustment period for students as they develop a routine of knowing which bus they take and where their bus pickup and drop-off locations are. The Public Schools Branch requests the patience of students and parents as these routines are established. The PSB will be tweaking routes in the coming days to balance bus loads and to improve arrival and departure times. These adjustments are typical of a new school year start up.

It is important that students travel on the bus that they have been assigned.

We would ask parents to ensure schools have the most up to date address information so that transporting their children can be done in the most safe and efficient manner.

At this time of year, it is helpful if parents refrain from seeking bus passes to have their children transported to alternate locations (a location other than their normal stop at the end of the day). These requests can further complicate bus routes in the early days of the school year until ridership and routines are fully known.

The PSB will also be working to ensure plans are in place to re-route buses impacted by the construction work upcoming in September at the Queens Arms intersection in Charlottetown. The Branch will be consulting with drivers to develop plans to limit disruptions in timing associated with this construction project. The Branch will do its best to limit disruptions associated with this project but does anticipate some delays in routes as traffic will be delayed.

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Approximately 19,000 Public School Branch students in kindergarten through Grade 12 have embarked on a new year of learning. Many are attending new schools. There are a considerable number of new teachers and staff joining them. I wish everyone success as we become accustomed to new routines and get acquainted with new friends and staff.

Something else that is new is the ‘Inspire’ award. The PSB believes in celebrating the achievements of students, parents, staff, and other valued members of our educational community. We invite and encourage you to help us recognize individuals for the inspirational things they do to help us all experience success and make our schools great places to work and learn. Anyone can nominate an employee, student, volunteer, parent or community member. The criterion is simple — they just needed to have inspired others. Nominating someone is easy. Take a minute or two to complete the on-line nomination form . Nominees will receive a small PSB recognition package and a note of thanks for contributing to the PSB community. The nomination form is also located on our PSB website at .

The summer months are always a busy time for school staff and branch-based staff, and this summer was certainly no exception. To prepare for the new academic year, significant transitioning and rezoning occurred, redistribution of students, staff and resources happened, repairs and improvements were made, school buildings were cleaned thoroughly, transportation routes were redesigned, buses were purchased and inspected, new employees were hired, and teachers and other employees participated in meaningful professional development.

Amidst all the new, one thing that we can be assured will remain the same is our united commitment to provide all students with quality learning opportunities. Our students are very fortunate to have teachers, administrators, educational assistants, youth service workers, administrative assistants, custodians, cleaners, and branch based staff along with their parents and caregivers helping them achieve success. Thank you for inspiring our youth through the support you provide. It is an exciting time for our students, parents, and our PSB’s staff.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher, principal, or me with questions or concerns. Best wishes to everyone for a very successful school year.

Parker Grimmer

Director, Public Schools Branch

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Communication and Information Technology Expectations for Students

The Public Schools Branch has received notification from the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture that paper copies of the Computer and Information Technology Expectations for Students and the associated Responsible Use Agreement will not be provided to schools for distribution to students in the 2017-2018 school year.  The Department will be reviewing and updating the former requirements in consultation with the Public Schools Branch to ensure that the policy framework respecting communication and information technology use in schools is current and effective.

Parents/guardians are asked to review the CIT expectations carefully with their child, and encourage them to ask you or their teacher about any parts that they do not understand.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact your student’s teacher or the principal of your child’s school.

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