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February 12 to 16 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Every day in the Public Schools Branch, students discover who they are and who they can become, and this is thanks to the incredible efforts of our teachers and staff. Teacher and Staff appreciation week is the time of the year where students as well as parents thank teachers and other school staff for their hard work and support.

We join students and parents in thanking our teachers and staff for everything they do each and every day to improve the lives of those entrusted in their care. We truly appreciate all of the time, energy, and care they dedicate to young people and to their profession. They are genuinely committed to helping students learn. They have great empathy and show great patience and understanding. They are sensitive to the obstacles facing the students in their care. For many students, the efforts and kindness of teachers and staff make the school experience more enjoyable and pleasant.

Together, teachers and staff create an atmosphere of well-being. They understand that leadership is found in all aspects of our organization. They encourage life-long learning. They help ensure students and their families feel safe, welcomed, cared for, engaged and included. We know that the commitment of our teachers and staff is key to the success of students.

Thank you to all our teachers and staff for the incredible work they do to create wonderful learning environments for students that inspire self-awareness, confidence, hope, and a sense of belonging. They are inspiring!

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Grade 9 Students at Queen Charlotte, Stonepark and Birchwood Receive Letters

Grade 9 students from Birchwood Intermediate, Queen Charlotte Intermediate, and Stonepark Intermediate brought home letters yesterday that confirmed which high school they will attend following completion of grade 9. Each letter indicated the student’s primary address and the high school they will be attending in September 2018.

You may know that a recommendation was made last year to review the catchment areas of Charlottetown high schools at a later date; however, there will be no change in these attendance zones for at least the next two school years.

In the Public Schools Branch, the elementary school that your child is zoned to attend determines the high school that he or she will attend. The following chart identifies the path students follow in Charlottetown area schools:

Elementary Zoned Schools to High School

  • Donagh Regional to Charlottetown Rural High
  • L.M. Montgomery Elementary to Charlottetown Rural High
  • Sherwood Elementary to Charlottetown Rural High
  • Stratford Elementary to Charlottetown Rural High
  • Parkdale Elementary to Colonel Gray High
  • Prince Street (down town area) to Colonel Gray High
  • Prince Street (Hillsborough area) to Colonel Gray High
  • Spring Park Elementary to Colonel Gray High
  • St. Jean Elementary (downtown area to Colonel Gray High
  • St. Jean Elementary (Hillsborough area) to Colonel Gray High
  • West Kent Elementary to Colonel Gray High
  • West Royalty Elementary to Colonel Gray High

Parents of Grade 9 students from these schools are asked to contact their school principal or the Public Schools Branch director, Parker Grimmer, if they have questions or concerns. Thank you for your support.

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Recognize Teachers in February

We appreciate our Teachers. Teachers make a real difference in the lives of our young people, their families and our province. Every day in the Public Schools Branch, students discover who they are and who they can become, and this is thanks, in part, to the incredible efforts of our teachers. Teachers are dedicated to the success of every student. They provide stability in attitude and attention to every detail of a child’s life and they understand the profound influence they have on the lives of young people. Each month we are encouraging the nomination of a specific group in our Public Schools Branch family.

Nominating a teacher for an ‘Inspire’ award in February is a great way to recognize them. This month we will highlight the role of our teachers.

Teachers have an important role in supporting student learning and student achievement. They create an atmosphere of well-being, promote community engagement, and they encourage life-long learning. They are valued because they are genuinely committed to helping children learn, have great empathy, show great patience and understanding, and are sensitive to the obstacles facing the children in their care. For many students, their efforts and kindness make the school experience more enjoyable and pleasant.

The ‘Inspire’ award is one way the Public Schools Branch is using to recognize members of our educational community for the inspirational things they do to help us all experience success and make our schools great places to work and learn. Anyone can nominate an employee, student, volunteer, parent or community member; and the criterion for nomination is simple – they just need to have inspired others. To nominate someone, simply take a minute or two to complete the on-line nomination form. Nominees will receive a small PSB recognition package and a note of thanks for contributing to the PSB community. Over 300 ‘Inspire’ Awards have been delivered so far! Thank you for doing your part to nominate deserving candidates.

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Congratulations to Alberton Elementary Principal Shanna Perry

The Learning Partnership has just announced the names of 40 exceptional educators from across the country as Canada’s Outstanding Principals for 2018. We want to extend congratulations to Alberton Elementary School Principal, Shanna Perry, for her inclusion to this group. We are so pleased that Shanna has been recognized for the wonderful and important contributions she makes to her school community, and the Public Schools Branch. She exemplifies all the qualities required to be one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals. Principal Perry is very dedicated, hardworking, and extremely well respected by students, staff, and parents. She is committed to trying to find innovative ways to meet the needs of her students, and she works collaboratively with her staff and community so students can achieve success.

The 40 principals, nominated by parents, colleagues, and community members, and chosen by a national selection committee, are being celebrated for demonstrating innovation, leadership and for employing creativity in finding solutions and opportunities within their school communities. They will be awarded for their accomplishments at the annual Canada’s Outstanding Principals gala on February 27 in Toronto. The winners also benefit from an exclusive five-day executive leadership training program at one of Canada’s top business schools, the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Shanna is most deserving of this honour as she is recognized in her school community as a great leader. She treats those she works with as equals. She trusts and respects her staff in every situation, and encourages them to take every opportunity to grow professionally. Shanna’s dedication to build and lead her team of great teachers and staff plays a vital role in positively impacting student achievement and educational success. The Public Schools Branch is very pleased that Shanna has been recognized, along with other dynamic leaders across Canada.

The Public School Branch thanks Shanna for her excellent work and for what she does for others. We are fortunate to have Principal Perry as a COP recipient, as she represents so well what we all try to do. Congratulations, Shanna!

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