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Revised Student Transfer Procedures – Explanation and Rationale

The School Review process identified a concerning number of students are attending a school outside of their school attendance zone.  The Public Schools Branch received considerable feedback from communities indicating that students should attend school based on the established school attendance zones.

The Student Transfer Procedure has been revised and has new criteria and a newly revised Student Transfer Request application form.  New student transfer requests will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances (health, safety and learning needs) or for operational reasons (capacity, programming, etc.).

Students attend a designated school based on the geographical region of their residence and program considerations.  The Public Schools Branch determines school attendance zones and may periodically adjust them in accordance with the School Change Policy.

The schools that have been directly impacted by rezoning are:

  • Birchwood Intermediate
  • Cardigan Consolidated
  • Donagh Regional
  • Glen Stewart Primary
  • Parkdale Elementary
  • Prince Street Elementary
  • Queen Charlotte Intermediate
  • Spring Park Elementary
  • St. Jean Elementary
  • Stratford Elementary
  • Stonepark Intermediate
  • West Kent Elementary
  • West Royalty Elementary

While changes have been made to the Souris Regional zone, this school was not identified to be studied in the Category II report and therefore existing student transfers will not be affected.

Existing student transfers will remain valid if a student is zoned for and attending a school that is not on the above list.

Existing student transfers are no longer valid if the student is either zoned for, or attending, one of the above named schools.

Any new student transfer requests will be assessed under the revised Student Transfer Procedure. This procedure will be in effect for all families of schools in the Public Schools Branch.

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School Change Transition Teams

The purposes of the Transition Teams are:

  • To ensure school transitions are seamless and efforts are made to create a positive experience for all involved.
  • To identify transitional requirements and activities and ensure they are completed.
  • To identify and/or respond to challenges and ensure timelines and solutions are achieved.
  • To collaborate with others to gain information which can positively shape the transition plan.
  • To reflect on the process, identify successes and challenges and to celebrate accomplishments.

There will be a Branch-Based Transition Team and two Joint School-Based Transition Teams. The Charlottetown Intermediate Transition team will include Principals from Birchwood and Stonepark.  The Charlottetown/Stratford Elementary Team will include Principals from Donagh, Glen Stewart, Stratford, Spring Park, West Kent and West Royalty.  Schools that were most significantly impacted by rezoning were selected for these teams.  These teams have their initial meetings on Friday, April 7, 2017.

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Summary of Board Decisions on Zoning and Programming Changes

At a special public board meeting held April 3, 2017, the Public Schools Branch Board of Directors made their decisions on the recommendations from the Category II Study for the review of schools in six families of schools.  The Board has authorized a number of zoning and programming changes.  These decisions are final and implementation efforts have started.  The Board decisions on school closures required Cabinet approval and Cabinet has decided not to close any schools.
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Special Meeting of the Board of Directors Will be Live-streamed

The Board of Directors of the Public Schools Branch will make its decisions on the school review recommendations at a special meeting of the Board tonight at Bluefield High School.  Government of Prince Edward Island will be live-streaming this meeting beginning at 7:30 this evening.  You can watch it on their YouTube channel:

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School Review Decisions

The Board of Directors of the Public Schools Branch will make its decisions on the school review recommendations at a special meeting of the Board on April 3rd at 7:30 p.m. at Bluefield High School.

Following public consultations in November 2016, 31 recommendations were made to address overcrowding and under-utilization of Island schools. Another 60-day consultation was held from January 11 to March 11 to allow the public to respond to the Board on the recommendations.

The Board of Directors has considered the input and will make its decisions at the April 3rd meeting. Based on the Public Schools Branch school change policy, the Board will respond to the recommendations by resolution at a public meeting.

The Board has the authority to make decisions regarding school attendance zones and the grades in a school. Decisions on school closures require final approval by Cabinet.

The Public Schools Branch is required to review schools every five years to ensure that students have equitable opportunities to learn and resources are being used in the most effective way.

An in-depth review was undertaken in six families of schools: Charlottetown Rural, Morell, Colonel Gray, Kinkora, Westisle, and Montague families of schools.

Data shows that some schools are under-utilized, others are overcrowded and some may not have the capacity to accommodate increased enrollment over the next five years.

The recommendations of the review include ways to balance the distribution of students and provide more consistent access to programming, teachers, specialized education resources, transportation and physical space.

Islanders were very engaged in the review. During the 60-day period for public input on the recommendations, the Board received 511 online submissions and 356 written submissions. There were close to 100 presentations made to the Board during this period.

Media contact:
Jean Doherty
Education, Early Learning and Culture
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