Positive case of COVID-19 at Charlottetown Rural

As announced by Dr. Morrison yesterday, a student at Charlottetown Rural High School tested positive for COVID-19.

All close contacts of this individual have been called by public health to arrange for testing and self-isolation instructions. There have been no further cases identified in relation to the positive case at Charlottetown Rural High School.

Public health measures are in place to prevent the impact of COVID-19. We can protect ourselves and our community by screening for symptoms, good hand hygiene, staying home when ill, physical distancing wherever possible, keeping your circle of contacts as small as possible and following masking guidance. As an additional layer of protection, you are encouraged to download the free COVID Alert App (https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/health-and-wellness/covid-alert-app).

Learning to live with COVID-19 can cause feelings of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. It is important for all of us to be mindful of how we are feeling. Parents and students who may have concerns with returning to school should call 1-800-280-7965 (toll-free) or 902-368-6990.

The Public Schools Branch is committed to ensuring that our schools provide a safe and caring environment for students and staff. A meaningful education is best provided in a school community in which people can learn and work in an atmosphere of respect, trust and acceptance. We remind everyone to be kind and supportive of one another.

To learn more about protecting yourself from COVID and a current list of potential exposure sites, please visit www.princeedwardisland.ca.

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