The Inspire Award

We are re-launching the ‘Inspire’ award for a third year. We invite and encourage the PSB community to help us recognize individuals for the great things they do to help us all experience success and make the PSB a great place to work and learn. Nominating someone is simple – just take one or two minutes to complete an electronic Inspire Award Nomination Form located under our featured links on the right hand side of our PSB website.

There were over 900 ‘Inspire’ awards sent to recipients in the last two years. That means not only have a lot of people been recognized, but also lots of people have been actively nominating others. Clearly, these awards are receiving positive praise, and our PSB community believes in celebrating the achievements of students, staff, and other valued members of our educational community.

Anyone can nominate an employee, student, volunteer, parent or community member. The criterion is simple — they just needed to inspire others. This year nominees will receive an email note thanking them for contributing to the PSB community, followed up by a small PSB recognition which will arrive by school courier and will be delivered to nominees at the schools they are affiliated with. Thanks for nominating someone today.

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