Recognize our Custodial Workers and Cleaners in December

We appreciate our custodial workers and cleaners.  We thank the men and women who keep our schools and branch workplaces running smoothly. Custodial workers and cleaners sometimes operate behind the scenes; and we may not recognize their efforts as often as we should for the hard work they do day after day keeping our school buildings clean, safe, and well maintained.

While delivering outstanding services and running  well-maintained buildings, they also contribute to that important first, and lasting, impression that visitors, parents, students, and staff have about their learning environment.

Nominating a custodial worker or cleaner for an ‘Inspire’ award in December is an excellent way to recognize them.  Each month we are encouraging the nomination of a specific group in our Public Schools Branch family. This month we will highlight the role of our custodial workers and cleaners.  Much like our bus drivers, our custodial workers and cleaners can be the first and last member of the branch staff to see students each day.  For many students, their efforts and kindness make the school experience more enjoyable and pleasant.

The ‘Inspire’ award is one way the Public Schools Branch is using to recognize members of our educational community for the inspirational things they do to help us all experience success and make our schools great places to work and learn.  Anyone can nominate an employee, student, volunteer, parent or community member; and the criterion for nomination is simple – they just need to have inspired others.  To nominate someone, simply take a minute or two to complete the on-line nomination form.  Nominees will receive a small PSB recognition package and a note of thanks for contributing to the PSB community. Over 150 ‘Inspire’ Awards have been delivered so far!  Thank you for doing your part to nominate deserving candidates.

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