School Change Transition Teams

The purposes of the Transition Teams are:

  • To ensure school transitions are seamless and efforts are made to create a positive experience for all involved.
  • To identify transitional requirements and activities and ensure they are completed.
  • To identify and/or respond to challenges and ensure timelines and solutions are achieved.
  • To collaborate with others to gain information which can positively shape the transition plan.
  • To reflect on the process, identify successes and challenges and to celebrate accomplishments.

There will be a Branch-Based Transition Team and two Joint School-Based Transition Teams. The Charlottetown Intermediate Transition team will include Principals from Birchwood and Stonepark.  The Charlottetown/Stratford Elementary Team will include Principals from Donagh, Glen Stewart, Stratford, Spring Park, West Kent and West Royalty.  Schools that were most significantly impacted by rezoning were selected for these teams.  These teams have their initial meetings on Friday, April 7, 2017.

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