Thursday, October 21, 2021

Piloting a New Model

Hello Parents & Guardians,

We have been in discussion with the Public Schools Branch for the last week and have been given permission to try a new model next week.

Currently, our students have to stay in their homeroom class for all subjects, besides specialists.  Teachers have been travelling to them.  I am sure you can appreciate that it is a long time to be in the same seat, especially for teenagers.

Because our students have been so great at wearing their masks in the hallways and on the buses, we are going to try to have students travel to their classes starting on Monday.

These short movement breaks are important for our students, and as I said, they have been doing a great job at wearing their masks.

Teachers will monitor students moving through the hallways and encourage students to stay on the right hand side as they move down a hallway.

Desks will be sanitized at the end of each class so they are clean for the next class and students will sanitize or wash their hands between classes.

During breaks and lunch, students will continue to go to their assigned areas with their cohorts.

We are going to try this model for the week and then re-evaluate at the end of the week.

-Mrs. Inman

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