School Supplies/Fees

Grades ​5​ and ​6​ students were given a ​school supply lis​t in September. Parents are required to purchase supplies from the list provided and pay ​$7​ to the school for an agenda which has already been purchased by the school.

Grade 5 School Supply List

Grade 6 School Supply List

Grade ​K​ and ​1-​ Teachers have purchased school supplies for each child in their class. Parents are asked to pay a fee of ​$40 per child​. No agendas were purchased for these grades.

Grades ​2, 3​ and ​4​- Teachers have purchased supplies and agendas for students in their class.Parents are asked to pay ​$47 per child​.

School supply fees can be paid through our online lunch program once classes are set up (first week of school), send payment to school with their child, or parents can call/email the office to set up an appointment to come into the school to pay. Once payment is received, a receipt will be sent home

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