L. M. Montgomery Elementary School was opened officially on November 30, 1983, the date of author L. M. Montgomery’s birth. It is located in East Royalty, a community in the city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The initials L. M. are used in place of Lucy Maud, as Maud preferred to be referred to by her initials rather than her full name. The name of the school was chosen by a student, Lisa Gairns, in Carol MacMillan’s grade six class at the former East Royalty Elementary School


L. M. Montgomery school was formed through the consolidation of four small schools: East Royalty Elementary School, Dunstaffnage Elementary School, Stanhope-Grand Tracadie Elementary School and Marshfield Elementary School. It serves students in the following districts: East Royalty, Marshfield, Dunstaffnage, Suffolk, Bedford, Millcove, Frenchfort, Corran Ban, Donaldston, Grand Tracadie, Stanhope, Dalvay, Covehead Road, West Covehead, York, Union Road North, and Pleasant Grove. All of these communities are located within a 17 kilometre radius stretching from the edge of Charlottetown to the North Shore/National Park.

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