Grade 9 Closing

Grade 9 Families,

We have been working on creating a grade 9 closing for the Gulf Shore Class of 2020. On June 25th, from 7pm to 8pm we will be hosting a closing ceremony in the Gulf Shore parking lot for grade 9 students and their families. Following the CPHO guidelines for mass gatherings, each grade 9 student will be allotted 2 cars! Families will be asked to remain in their cars for the entire ceremony. A stage will be set up on the soccer field for the presentation. At one point in the ceremony grade 9 students will come into the gymnasium to watch their slideshow and a link will be made live so that families can watch the video from their car.

In the event of bad weather, a notice will be sent out in the morning and the closing will be held on Friday, June 26th.

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