Picking Up Student Belongings

On Thursday, May 28 between 8:30AM and 3:00PM Gulf Shore families can sign up for a time to pick up student belongings at the school (sneakers, locker contents, desk contents, etc) and drop off items that need to be returned to the school (books, uniforms, instruments, etc)


Pick Up Details

  1. Families sign up for a pick-up time on Thursday using the link below 

  2. If the students are old enough to collect/drop off their things on their own the parent can drop the child at the main doors and pick them up at the bus doors.

  3. If 1 parent needs to accompany a child they will park in the front parking lot, enter the front doors and exit the bus doors.

  4. 10-minute time slots are allocated in the sign-up

  5. Students pick up belongings and term 2 report cards from outside their classroom (hook or locker).  Their belongings will be in a clearly labeled bag. Students do not enter the classroom.

  6. You can arrange for someone else to pick up your belonging for you but email the teacher first.

Please sign up for 1 time per family – we are allowing 5 families at a time into the school.


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