Look Who Is Back!!!

Gulf Shore Families,

Look WAAAAAAY up….that’s me, the Gulf Shore Osprey, and I’m back. I’ll be sure to stay in my nest for the next two weeks since I came from the south.  The view is quite spectacular from my nest but something is missing.  It’s pretty quiet around the school these days and it’s really not the same without you here. I wanted to let you know that I’m keeping a very close eye on things while you are safe at home. The forts in the tree hedge are in great condition, the basketball hoops are standing strong and the outdoor classroom is almost free from snow. Doug and Trevor are checking the school quite often and Mme Lavoie and Ms Caseley Smith have a pretty close eye on things as well. I certainly miss seeing you all at recess time but I hope that you are getting outside to play at your house everyday and that you are all still learning from home. Don’t worry, I’ll keep Gulf Shore safe until you return!

Yours truly,

Gulf Shore Osprey

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