After School Opportunity – Chemistry Program for Kids!

STEAM PEI Presents….
Potions and Explosions – Chemistry in Action
Who? Grades 2-6 students
What? What is Chemistry? Discover and explore with different hands-on activities each week. Explore polymers by making slime. Experiment to find the optimal combination of chemicals to make bottle rockets blast off. See a catalyst in action while watching an elephant toothpaste demonstration. Record your observations in your new science notebook that you get to take home.
When? One hour after-school on Thursdays. One day a week for 6 weeks starting the week of September 17. Check for exact times and dates.
Where? At your school!
Why? Because we love science and we want to share our excitement!
How? Register online at and email with any questions. Payment of $80 can be made by cash, cheque or email transfer on the first day of class.
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