We are looking forward to welcoming students back on Thursday, September 7th.

On the first day, all new students AND all students in grades k-3 will come off the bus first and be taken to the multi-purpose room. All students in grades 4-9 will get off the bus and make their way to their new classroom.

Here are a few important points to get you started on this school year:


  • Busses arrive at 8:30AM and leave at 2:45PM
  • Use the Bus Stop Seach for pick up and drop off times in the post below
  • Do not drive in the bus lane in front of the school between 8:20 and 8:40AM or between 2:15 and 3:00PM
  • Please go over bus safety with your child before they get on the bus
  • Students cannot transfer busses due to the fact that our busses are filled to capacity.


  • Gulf Shore is NUT-FREE school. Be sure never to send items containing nuts to school
  • Gulf Shore Home and School organizes a hot lunch program and it will be up and running soon. This also includes a school milk program
  • Lunches are ordered online using hotlunches.net

Office Notes

  • All parents and visitors are to report to the office when entering the building
  • Supply fees that have not yet be paid for K-4 can be paid ASAP in the office
  • If someone else is picking up your child (other than a parent), a note MUST be sent to the homeroom teacher in the morning.
  • If your child is absent please call the office between 8AM and 9AM (902-963-7810)
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