Back to School!

We are really looking forward to welcoming students on September 8th. Hopefully this poster will help you get ready for the 2020-21 School Year!

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School Supplies

The School Supply Lists for  2020-21 are now updated on the School Supply tab on the website! 

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Summer Art Classes from our Friend Maurice

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2020 Celebration of Learning

Happy Summer Gulf Shore Family! This would have been our last day of school where we always celebrate our year of learning.

We hope you enjoy our 2020 Celebration of Learning Video.


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Closing Parade

COVID trees, yearbooks and new staff t-shirts! This can only mean the end of year parade is here tonight! 

See you between 6-8 pm this evening!

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Gulf Shore Year End Parade!

On Monday, June 22, our staff would like to welcome all K-8 families to come to the school between 6-8 pm for a “Year End Parade Drive-Thru!” As you will be the floats, feel free to decorate your cars if you’d like. You won’t be getting out of your vehicle, but our staff will welcome you in the Gulf Shore School driveway with lots of cheers and smiles. Your teacher will give you your final report card and we will wrap up this school year with a “COVID-Style” ending! Can’t wait to see you!!

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Grade 9 Closing

Grade 9 Families,

We have been working on creating a grade 9 closing for the Gulf Shore Class of 2020. On June 25th, from 7pm to 8pm we will be hosting a closing ceremony in the Gulf Shore parking lot for grade 9 students and their families. Following the CPHO guidelines for mass gatherings, each grade 9 student will be allotted 2 cars! Families will be asked to remain in their cars for the entire ceremony. A stage will be set up on the soccer field for the presentation. At one point in the ceremony grade 9 students will come into the gymnasium to watch their slideshow and a link will be made live so that families can watch the video from their car.

In the event of bad weather, a notice will be sent out in the morning and the closing will be held on Friday, June 26th.

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Grade 9 Band Tribute


Band is an important part of many students’ time at Gulf Shore. Each year Mrs. MacLaine pays tribute to the grade 9 band students…this year you all get to see it!!

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Picking Up Student Belongings

On Thursday, May 28 between 8:30AM and 3:00PM Gulf Shore families can sign up for a time to pick up student belongings at the school (sneakers, locker contents, desk contents, etc) and drop off items that need to be returned to the school (books, uniforms, instruments, etc)


Pick Up Details

  1. Families sign up for a pick-up time on Thursday using the link below 

  2. If the students are old enough to collect/drop off their things on their own the parent can drop the child at the main doors and pick them up at the bus doors.

  3. If 1 parent needs to accompany a child they will park in the front parking lot, enter the front doors and exit the bus doors.

  4. 10-minute time slots are allocated in the sign-up

  5. Students pick up belongings and term 2 report cards from outside their classroom (hook or locker).  Their belongings will be in a clearly labeled bag. Students do not enter the classroom.

  6. You can arrange for someone else to pick up your belonging for you but email the teacher first.

Please sign up for 1 time per family – we are allowing 5 families at a time into the school.

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Welcome to Kindergarten – “COVID Style!”

This year, since we weren’t able to have our new kindergarten students and their families into the school, we decided to have a drive-thru event.  All of our new “Sharks” and their families drove through our driveway while the teachers waved and cheered for them.  We’re all really looking forward to having our new kindergarten students with us in the fall!

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