Picture Day is on Tomorrow!

Pictures for our students in French Immersion or who not had their picture done on Tuesday will have their pictures done tomorrow!  Bring your smiles!

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Greenfield Breakfast Program! 902-303-9569

The Greenfield Breakfast Program is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 28. It will not be “buffet” style as in the past, but classroom-based, with the food being delivered to classrooms.

There is a BIG need for volunteers to support this program.  If you can help in any way (one day a month, one day a week), please contact Kim Gaudet at 902-303-9569 or Kim_Johnstone9@hotmail.com

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Friday Reminders!

Our first full week is almost at an end! Here are some notes for the coming week:

  • Picture Days are on Tuesday, September 22 (English classes) and Wednesday, September 23 (French Immersion classes and anyone who missed on Tuesday).
  • We are looking at offering a pizza day each week in October as part of our HotLunches menu. More to come on that later.
  • Thank you to our parents for their patience as we sort through the new procedures for our new school year.  It is taking some adjusting but we feel our students are doing very well.  We are seeing illness (runny noses, sore throats, sore bellies) which requires us to send children home.  Hopefully, as we manage this, things will improve.  It is a new world for us with the public health measures in place.  As required we will be sending home a weekly email reminder to all parents to check for symptoms before children are sent to school.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Greenfield Calendars!

Our famous Greenfield Home and School calendars are now for sale!  Our calendars have all the important school dates and have plenty of room to keep track of special days, appointments, practice schedules, etc.

They are for sale in our School Office for $10.00. Parents can drop in or send in the money with their child and we will send one home.

This is a fund raiser for our Greenfield Home and School.

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First Friday Notes!

Well, we made it to our first Friday! It was a busy week.

First, a BIG thank you to our Greenfield School community – parents, students and staff.  There is much we have to adjust to, especially our morning and end-of-day routines.  Thank you to all for being patient as we work through the protocols for our new school year.

Parents need to refer to the Student Screening Questionnaire to determine whether their child should attend school.  We will be sending weekly reminders for parents regarding children being sick or becoming sick at school. Here is the document:


As we will be taking students outdoors as much as possible, it is important that students are prepared to be outdoors.  Students will need need to be dressed for the weather (rain jacket, sweater, boots, hat).


  • Milk orders are due on Sunday night at 12:00.
  • Students need to have a filled water bottle each day.
  • Information on School Pictures will be coming home next week.  Pictures will be on September 22nd (English classes) and September 23rd (French Immersion classes).



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Ordering Milk for 2020 – 2021

Greenfield’s School Lunch Program is now offered through the Provincial Healthy School Food Program. Information on that program and signing up is available in previous posts on this website.  Parents who are interested should sign-up for that program as soon as they can as lunches begin on September 14th. 

Our school milk program is still available for ordering through HotLunches.  White milk and chocolate milk are available.  Parents need to sign up in Hotlunches to begin ordering for the new year. Milk will be ordered on a monthly basis.  Parents can pay through PayPal or send the money into the School Office.

Ordering for September milk is now open.  The deadline in Sunday, September 13th at midnight. It is a short timeline so don’t forget!

All you need to know about signing up and ordering milk is in the link below:

Hotlunches Program Sign2020

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Water Bottles and Lunch Program

A note that was missed in all the information that has been going home is that all students need to bring a water bottle each day filled with water.  Our water fountains are not available for use.

The Healthy School Food Program is now open for business!  This is now Greenfield’s School Lunch Program, replacing the HotLunches program. We will be providing information on the our School Milk Program later this week.

The on-line platform is set to go live today – with a deadline of September 11 at 9:00 to order the first two weeks of meals.  For this first round, families/students will be ordering lunches for Sept 14-18 and Sept 21-25.

All parents/students/staff who have registered for the program will receive a username/password today – as well as instructions for how to order meals through the website.

Parents can go to www.peischoolfood.ca to sign-up their child.

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Important for First Day Arrival – Please Read!

We are excitedly preparing for our first day of school – Tuesday, September 8th!

Here is important information about arrival on the first day:

Arrival Times:
  • Buses arrive – 8:15 – 8:30 (Students come in the front door and go directly to class). * Students are required to wear a mask if they travel on a bus.


  • Student Drop off by parents – 8:30 – 8:40 (Cars pull up to the front door in the bus lane. Students come in the front door and go directly to class.)
    *Parents should not leave their car and they should drop off their child as quickly as possible.


  • Walkers – 8:30 – 8:40 (Students enter by the back playground door – Door C).


  • A number of staff will be outdoors to provide direction.


  • We are recommending that all students wear a mask when entering the school, especially on the first day. It would be helpful if students could bring a ziplock bag for their mask.

It is very important that parents who are dropping students off not come early (before 8:30) and wait in our parking lot.  There is little room in our parking lot and this will create a challenge for buses.

We believe parents will find the drop-off quick and convenient after 8:30 as they will be able to pull up to the front of the school and let their child off right at the door.

We appreciate that these times might not work well for some parents. At this time we have no way of knowing exactly how morning arrival times will work. Over time, we hope to adjust times as the morning routine settles.

Parents should be aware that there may be some delays in bus pick-up and bus drop-offs on the first couple of days as routes are being established.

All parents will be receiving (or have received) an email from their child’s teacher. Please look for this.

It would be very helpful if parents could send a note in their child’s school bag on the first day to let teachers know how their child is traveling to and from school.  Parents should go to the BusPlannerWeb to find out busing information for their child.

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Busing for 2020 – 2021

Parents should take the time to check the link below for busing information for the new year.  Most busing routes and times have not changed but many have. It is important to check.  If you are new to the school, it will provide the information you need for September 8th.




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Important Information for Back to School from the PSB – Please Read!

Dear PSB Families –

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are excited to be returning to in-person learning in schools next week and look forward to seeing your children.  All schools have been working hard to prepare for the return to school and will provide you with specific details about your child’s school.  

We would like to provide you with some information that applies to all 56 schools in the Public Schools Branch.

Back To School Website – All school operational plans can be found on the Back to School Website.  https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/topic/back-school

Communication with Parents – Schools work hard to provide excellent communication and information to parents on a wide variety of school specific matters.  The PSB will provide parents with  system related information through the following.  Check us out!

PSB website (https://edu.princeedwardisland.ca/psb/)

PSB Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/publicschoolsbranch)

PSB Instagram (https://instagram.com/psbpei/)

PSB Twitter (https://twitter.com/PSBPEI)

Pre-Screening your Children – Every morning we ask that you check-in with your child to see how they are feeling.  Your school will provide you with a pre-screening checklist that will help to decide if your child should come to school.  If your child is feeling unwell and is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that they stay home and suggest you call 811 or your healthcare provider for information.  The pre-screening checklists can also be found on the PSB website and PSB social media. https://edu.princeedwardisland.ca/psb/

At School – If you child feels unwell while at school, a staff person will call you and ask you to come pick up your child.  If the child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, the school will suggest you call 811 or your healthcare provider.  If your child is advised to get tested for COVID-19, your child must remain home until a negative result is found.  Others in the household do not need to self-isolate at this time.  If your child is not tested for COVID-19, they should still remain home until symptoms improve and they are feeling well.  We appreciate your support with these unexpected circumstances.

COVID-19 Positive Case in Schools – Schools and the PSB have developed a protocol in the event of a student or staff person testing positive for COVID-19.  This would include timely communication with those impacted, working collaboratively with CPHO to determine contact tracing and case-by-case decision making on if classes, cohorts or schools would need to remain home.  

Contact Information – Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date at your school.  It is important that the school can reach you or a caregiver for your child when necessary.  

Alternate Arrangements Sometimes unpredictable events occur that require your child to go home from school early.  Please ensure alternate arrangements are made in the event that your child needs to go home when feeling unwell or in the event of an early school closure due to a power outage, inclement weather, etc.. 

Visitor’s in Schools – Schools remain welcoming environments to students, staff and visitors.  With our ongoing focus on student and staff safety, visitors in schools will be reduced and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We encourage parents and other visitors to limit the number of visits to schools.

Meet the Staff Events – Many schools usually host mid-September “Meet the Staff” events to provide parents an opportunity to meet the staff at each school.  At this time, PSB schools will not be hosting in-person events.  If you have questions or concerns, we encourage parents to reach out to their child’s teacher.

Masks in Schools – Please visit the PSB Guidelines for Return to School 2020 to see the new masking guidelines.  https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/topic/back-school  It will be important for us all to work together to help students understand the guidelines.  Please purchase a personal, non-medical mask for your child and talk to them about wearing it. Please watch these videos with your children before school!

Mask Video 1https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/education-and-lifelong-learning/wearing-masks-and-ppe-schools

Mask Video 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzXZcOObiyo

Before/After school activities – All before and after school activities have been “paused” during the school start up.  Schools will communicate further when this changes.

Helpful Videos – A few other videos that you may find helpful are below.  Please take some time to watch them with your children.

Back to School Infohttps://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/topic/keeping-everyone-safe

Younger childrenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOclshVIKss

Older childrenhttps://youtu.be/jlnqaXoPm_o 

Physical Distancing


Thank you for your ongoing support with Back to School 2020!  See you soon!

Public Schools Branch

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