Welcome to Kindergarten Information

Greenfield Elementary School will be holding Welcome to Kindergarten sessions on the following dates:

May 13th- English

May 20th- French Immersion

The Welcome to Kindergarten Program is designed for parents/caregivers and their children who will be entering kindergarten in September. All thirty-seven Public School Branch schools with Kindergarten organize a Welcome to Kindergarten Event for their incoming students. Schools are providing a Welcome to Kindergarten experience that will be meaningful to parents and students. The specifics of event will be communicated to families by your child’s school. At the event families will receive early literacy resources and meet school staff. Strategies for how to use these resources with their child at home will be shared. The goal of Welcome to Kindergarten is to provide pre-school children with the resources and experiences to begin their formal education with a foundation of literacy nurtured in the home.

The Welcome to Kindergarten Program is a component of a national organization called, The Learning Partnership. The program is run across Canada in conjunction with local school boards and community agencies. On Prince Edward Island, special recognition is given to the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning for their support of the program. If families would like more information and resources they are encouraged to visit The Learning Partnership’s website at www.thelearningpartnership.ca/WTK

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