Important for First Day Arrival – Please Read!

We are excitedly preparing for our first day of school – Tuesday, September 8th!

Here is important information about arrival on the first day:

Arrival Times:
  • Buses arrive – 8:15 – 8:30 (Students come in the front door and go directly to class). * Students are required to wear a mask if they travel on a bus.


  • Student Drop off by parents – 8:30 – 8:40 (Cars pull up to the front door in the bus lane. Students come in the front door and go directly to class.)
    *Parents should not leave their car and they should drop off their child as quickly as possible.


  • Walkers – 8:30 – 8:40 (Students enter by the back playground door – Door C).


  • A number of staff will be outdoors to provide direction.


  • We are recommending that all students wear a mask when entering the school, especially on the first day. It would be helpful if students could bring a ziplock bag for their mask.

It is very important that parents who are dropping students off not come early (before 8:30) and wait in our parking lot.  There is little room in our parking lot and this will create a challenge for buses.

We believe parents will find the drop-off quick and convenient after 8:30 as they will be able to pull up to the front of the school and let their child off right at the door.

We appreciate that these times might not work well for some parents. At this time we have no way of knowing exactly how morning arrival times will work. Over time, we hope to adjust times as the morning routine settles.

Parents should be aware that there may be some delays in bus pick-up and bus drop-offs on the first couple of days as routes are being established.

All parents will be receiving (or have received) an email from their child’s teacher. Please look for this.

It would be very helpful if parents could send a note in their child’s school bag on the first day to let teachers know how their child is traveling to and from school.  Parents should go to the BusPlannerWeb to find out busing information for their child.

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