School Supply Fees and HotLunches

School Supply Fees:
Every year at this time, we begin to collect a school supply fee for all students.  As, parents would know, the practice of having teachers purchase classroom materials for all students has worked well for us at Greenfield.  Teachers ensure students have what they need and there is consistency from student to student.  Businesses offer good pricing for teachers and for bulk purchases.  This does take a task off parents’ plate!

For this to work and for fairness, it requires that all families pay the school supply fee.  The cost is $40.00 per child.  There are two ways to pay.  There is a School Supply Fee option in HotLunches.  Parents can pay using PayPal.  When you click to order, the amount ($40.00) is shown.  The other option is to come into the school and pay.

Our school office will be open on the following mornings (8:30 – 12:00):

Wednesday, June 3rd
Thursday, June 4th
Tuesday, June 9th
Wednesday, June 10th

We hope that parents will drop in and pay when they can.  We provide a receipt for all school supply fees that are paid.  This cost does not include the student agendas that we provide in September.  Any student belongings that were not picked up, can be picked up on these days as well.

We will begin to provide refunds to all parents who have credits in HotLunches tomorrow. This has to be done order by order and will take a little time.  As the amounts are all different and most are not more than the School Supply Fee, we have decided to keep these two items separate.  This means that if you have a credit in HotLunches, we will pay that back and you should pay the school supply fee separately.

We hope this make sense to everyone. Please call the school on the days above it you have any questions.


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