Greenfield Parade – Tuesday, May 19th!



Greenfield Gators, we miss you!

Staff at Greenfield are missing our awesome students! We are planning a parade for Tuesday, May 19th at 1:30-2:30 we hope to see as many of our students as possible!

Remember we are still practicing physical distancing and we want to keep everyone safe, so we won’t be stopping along our route. Please make sure you stay off the road where you are safe!

What can you do? Dig out your green clothes if you have them, come outside, cheer, make a poster, a noisemaker, show some school spirit as we drive by!

We have planned a route through most of our Greenfield zone in Summerside we hope to see you along the way. We sure wish we could get to every single house, but since that isn’t possible, we hope you can find a spot to meet up with our parade!

Here is our route: (Departing Greenfield at 1:30)

Starting on Darby Drive continuing onto Glenn Drive to Fairway Ave, from there onto Linkletter Road, down South Drive, back onto Glenn Drive, to Jason Drive, then MacWilliams Avenue, then turning right onto West Drive, down East Drive to the highway, on the highway to Central Street, turning onto Pope Road, to Greenwood Drive, down Lexi Ave, Burkshire Dr, Bernard Ave, Linda Dr, MacDougall Dr, then back onto Pope Rd ending at Greenfield!

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