Learning at Home and a Surprise!

Much has changed in our world in a short time and those changes will continue to come.  What is most important at this time is that we are all safe and well.

Our Greenfield students are not coming through the doors of our school each weekday morning but that does not mean their teachers are not thinking of them. Parents and students would know from the contact that has been made from teachers to families that you are all very much on our minds.

This coming week will bring home learning that is led by your child’s teacher.  The coming week of April 6th to April 10th will be a “transitional” week.  Information was provided by the Department of Education and Life Long Learning to teachers on April 2nd.  Further information will be coming to them today.   Next week teachers will begin providing lessons for parents and students so that students can begin to pick up on the learning they left behind in March.  The Department has provided the guidelines that teachers are to work with – 30 minutes at Kindergarten, 45 minutes a day for Grades 1 to 3, 60 minutes a day for Grades 4-6. This does not mean that teachers will provide learning every day. There is flexibility for teachers to decide what will work best – a weekly package, lessons twice a week, or each day.  This transitional week may mean that parents will not hear from teachers until later in the week as they determine the best approach for their class.

For some students, Google Classroom will be used and students will need their login and and password.   Students may already have them. If not, teachers will see that they get them if they need them.  For many students (in our early grades), this is not necessary as teachers have not used the Google Classroom platform as yet and this would be new to students.

Home Learning is new for everyone – for teachers, students, parents, and Department staff.  It is important that, as we work through this and figure how to best continue learning in this very unusual circumstance, we are patient.  If there are challenges, we need to communicate.  There should be no doubt in parents minds that the teachers at Greenfield want the best for their students.

We know that our families have many different situations – one child at home or many, parents working at home, grandparents or others providing care as parents do essential work in the community, limits with technology or internet reliability.  If there are issues or concerns, please let your child’s teacher know.  Teachers and administration will be working to problem-solve for families when it is necessary.

Let’s move forward together!   Please click the link below for our “surprise.” You will see that Greenfield staff has their students in their hearts and minds.



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