Colds And Flu!

We are seeing much illness with students and staff. It is that time of the year and some have been very affected.

With winter comes a higher probability of catching cold or flu.  Complete protection from becoming ill from a cold or flu may not be possible, but staying away from others when you are sick, maintaining clean and sanitary conditions, washing hands often and getting an annual flu vaccination can help minimize the spread and severity of illness.

Good hand hygiene is one of the most effective things we can do!  This includes washing your hands often. We hope parents will encourage this at home.  We did have a Public Health Nurse in early in the year to show our students in Grades K to 2 how to wash their hands well and why. 

It is very important that when children are not well that they stay home until they are feeling well again.  Otherwise, the illness will be spread to others.  We hope parents will keep this in mind.



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