Christmas Concert Notes!

Everything is just about ready for our Christmas Concert! There is a dress rehearsal tomorrow morning for all students and staff. Mrs. MacIsaac Gallant and the students have been working hard. All indicators are that it will be a delightful concert.

Here are some important notes:

  1. Ensure that your children come rested, ready and dressed for the concert!
  2. The concert begins at 1:15. We will open the door at 12:30 after our students come in from outdoors recess.
  3. Take care with parking. We appreciate that our parking spaces are limited but please do not be too creative and be sure that you park in appropriate and safe areas.
  4. There will be seating available. We hope as many guests as possible will take a seat as it works best for everyone.
  5. Please be respectful of the students’ performances and hard work. Turn your cell phones off and keep noise to a minimum so that all can enjoy the concert.
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