Halloween Notes

We have an exciting couple of days coming up! Halloween is a favorite time for our students and teachers. We do have some special activities planned.

The Halloween Dance is tomorrow from 3:00 to 4:15.  Our Grade 3 to 6 students will have great fun. It is becoming a yearly event and a great fundraiser for our Christmas Hampers.

Here are some guidelines for Halloween at school on Thursday:

  1. Students can wear their costumes but not masks.  They can wear make-up but it should be on before coming to school.  Students should be able to manage their costumes on their own.
  2. No play weapons should come to school.
  3. Keep in mind that students will be going outdoors if the weather is fit.
  4. There will be many treats and more to come with trick or treating. Please do not send in treats unless you have contacted your child’s teacher.
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