Plastic Bag Grab Team

During Earth Week 2019, schools across Canada were challenged to learn and take action on plastic waste.  At Greenfield, we participated in The Plastic Bag Grab. Classes collected as many bags as they could and a tally was kept to see which class could collect the most.  In total to date, we have collected 11,909 bags!  Our class winners are 6A who collected 4020 and 1B who collected 1166. These bags will be taken to Walmart who will sent them to a company called Trex where they will be recycled into plastic lumber to make decks, benches and other outdoor furniture.

Thank you for your support! We are all winners when we reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste.  Members of our Grade 6A class with Mme. Robyn organized the event and counted all those bags!  The collecting of bags will continue next week.

Here is a picture of our Plastic Grab Bag Team.

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