January HotLunches!

The HotLunches menu for January is now open for ordering.  Here are important notes for you to know:

  1.  Ordering will close at midnight on Sunday, December 30th.  This is a two week window to get orders in but it is recommended that you order as soon as you can so it does not get missed in holiday activities.
  2. The January menu covers the dates of Thursday, January 3rd to Friday, February 1st. *Remember to scroll down to see the February 1st date. Don’t forget to click the “Place Order and Proceed” button!
  3. Chocolate milk has gone up in price.  It is now .90 cents.
  4. Farmed Market has new offering for Wednesdays and will be offering a cold lunch option on Fridays that will appear with the Greco choices. Here are some notes on their their new options:  the Beef Burrito is made with 100% PEI beef with rice, corn, tomato, red onion and cheese. The Ham and Cheddar Cheese Sub has just a little butter on the bun. The Turkey Breast Wrap has cheese, lettuce and a little mayo.  All these options come with fruit/veg and a cookie/small homemade baked good.  All options are $4.50 or $5.00 for gluten-free.
  5. Parents should pay for the lunches when they are ordered or send the money in to the office in the first week of the menu.  We are finding that, month to month, there are a number of unpaid accounts and we are having to contact parents for payment before the next menu begins.  We do have to pay the vendors for the orders during the month so orders should be paid when they are ordered.  Please do your best with this.  You will be unable to order until your December lunches are paid.


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