HotLunches for October

The HotLunches Menu for October is now up and open for ordering.  Here are some things to know:

1. This menu covers the dates of Monday, October 2nd to Friday, November 2nd.          Be careful to scroll down and find the two days for November.
2.  Ordering begins today and ends on Sunday, September 3oth at midnight.
3.  Make sure you hit the “Place Order and Proceed” button at the very bottom of the          page to ensure that your order is placed. It can be missed!
4.  Tips for Toast appears on Friday, November 2nd.
5.  We are following up on suggestions for healthy lunches for Wednesdays.  Hopefully, we        will have some news on this for next month.
6. Students that are in our new 2/3 Y class have been put in this class (Mrs. Milley) for             ordering.



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