School Supply Fees for 2018-2019

Thank you to all the parents who have paid for school fees for the coming school year.  For parents who have not done so yet, our school office will be open on Thursday and Friday of this week.  You are welcome to drop in and pay for school supplies. As well, it can be paid online through HotLunches.

For students for whom school fees have not been paid, teachers will not be purchasing supplies for them over the summer.  They will need to come to school with the supplies they need on September 6th.  Below are the school supply lists for each grade level as well as the Public Schools Branch guidelines for school supplies.  As these guidelines state, parents always have the choice to purchase supplies.  We will assume that if school supplies fees are not paid, those parents wish to purchase supplies for their child.

Please check the lists to be sure your child has what they need on the first day of school.  All students will also need to have a school bag or backpack, indoor sneakers and a lunch.  As well, we will be collecting agenda fees once school begins.










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