Breakfast Program Finished for the Year

Our Greenfield Breakfast Program served the last breakfasts today for this school year.  Parents will want to see that children have something at home to start the day for the next couple of days, especially Wednesday for the school trips to Cavendish.  It will be a busy, fun-filled day!

We want to thank our very excellent Breakfast Program volunteers.  We have a breakfast program that is second to none and we are very proud of it.  It could not happened without those parents and grandparents who offer their time to prepare breakfast each and every morning as well as purchase what we need.  We now have some of our older students who are learning the value of contributing as they help butter toast, bagels or English muffins.

Every day our students have the option of coming into our Breakfast Room for a balanced breakfast.  Sometimes there are special treats such as fruit kabobs, smoothies, waffles and bacon.  It is a wonderful accomplishment!

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