January HotLunches

Our January HotLunches menu is now up and open for ordering.  It may be something parents would like to take care of this week, rather than try to remember over the holidays.  Here is what you need to know:

  1.  The menu covers the dates of Wednesday, January 3rd to Friday, February 2nd.
  2. Menu ordering will close on Monday, January 1st at midnight.
  3. Borrowed Kitchen is offering the spaghetti combo and grilled cheese sandwiches on Wednesdays.  The gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich is available as well.
  4. Tips for Toast appears on the menu on Friday, February 2nd.
  5. There  is no school on Thursday, January 18th as this is the Three Oaks Family of Schools end of semester/Professional Learning Day.  Due to the construction at Three Oaks, the school calendar has been adjusted for this school, as they are accommodating longer days in order to finish the school year earlier.  There will be school for the Three Oaks family of Schools on January 31st when the rest of the school system has their end of semester/Professional Learning Day.

Further reminders will be sent over the holidays.

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