Our Fundraiser Has Arrived!

The fundraiser items have arrived and were passed out to most of our students on Thursday last week.  This year, the company did not put a list in the bag with the names of who ordered each item.  We have that information at the school so if you need a copy, please contact Mrs. Finniss by phone or with a note in the agenda.

Please check all items and make sure you have everything that you ordered and paid for. Also, check to make sure everything is in good order.  If you are missing an item or if an item is broken or damaged, please let Mrs. Finniss know.  She will be sending in an re-order for these items on Tuesday, November 14th.

A BIG congratulations to Zachery McNeill who was our Top Seller.  He sold $684.00 in items from the catalogue. Our total sales were $12, 627.00.  We appreciate everyone’s support of this Home and School fundraiser!

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