We are ready!

Our staff at Greenfield is ready for our students to begin!

Some important “First Day Notes”:

  1. Doors will open at 8:15.  This does not mean all students need to be here at that time. Our buses arrive any time between 8:15 and 8:30.
  2. There is no Breakfast Program until September 25th.
  3. Students who arrive before 8:15 will be waiting outdoors.
  4. As students come into the school at 8:15, our Kindergarten students will be directed to their classrooms, Grade 1 students will meet in the cafeteria, and Grade 2 to Grades 6 will meet their teachers in the gym.
  5. Parents will not be going with students to the gym or to classrooms.  The exception will be the parents of Kindergarten students and these parents should not expect to stay for a long time.  We will want to begin our school day as soon as possible!
  6. Parents should not take pictures in or around the school as it may include other children whose parents have not given permission for their child’s picture to be taken.
  7. A “Welcome Back” notice will be going home with students tomorrow with more important notes and dates.

We do ask that everyone take care in our parking lot as it will be a very busy morning!

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