HotLunches for September 2017

Our HotLunches menu for September 2017 is up and ready for ordering.  We wanted to get it up as soon as we could as we know parents and students appreciate having milk and lunch options available at school.   Some things to know:

  1. All parents must re-register. At the end of the school year all information is deleted because of teacher, student, and class changes.  The information on how to use HotLunches is on our website under the Parent Page.  As well, this information is in the front our all students’ agendas.  Please contact the office if you have any questions or need help to get started.
  2.  The menu is for September 11th to September 29th.
  3.  The deadline for orders to be in is Sunday, September 10th at midnight.  There are no exceptions to this deadline.  Late orders create problems for our vendors and us here at school.  We appreciate that it is a tight timeline but we did want to get the menu up for ordering as soon as we could.
  4. Menu changes:
    *A Chicken Caesar Salad is available from Pita Pit on Tuesdays.
    *Garlic fingers are available from Captain Sub/Greco on Thursdays.
    *All prices are the same as last year except white milk which is now .50 cents.
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